Discover ballet: tips for beginners and advanced dancers

Embark on Your Ballet Journey: Insights for Novices and Pros Alike

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Discover ballet: tips for beginners and advanced dancers

In my ballet blog, I write about topics that might interest parents of ballet children or my students. I hope my posts answer one or two questions and bring you closer to ballet. On this page I would like to provide valuable information on topics such as the first ballet orientation phase, improving individual performance, and avoiding injuries. Below you will find an overview of selected articles and some gadgets. Enjoy reading!

My name is Olga Leibrandt. I am a ballet teacher in and from Frankfurt am Main. My journey into the world of ballet began when I was 6 years old. At the age of 10, I was accepted into the renowned Bolshoi Academy in Moscow. After a short stopover at the Lyceum for Choreography in Chişinău, I graduated as a qualified ballet dancer. After dancing professionally until 2002, I moved to Germany. In 2008 I became a qualified ballet teacher and have been teaching children and young people ever since. In 2019, I fulfilled my long-held dream of having my ballet school and opened the Ballettstudio Ost.

These are the topics I will provide to you:

·       Choosing and caring for your ballet clothing

·       Selection criteria suitable ballet school

·       Avoiding injuries in ballet

·       Why are ballet lessons so valuable for children?

·       Stage fright at ballet

·       Who is ballet suitable for?

·       Ballet exercises for home

·       Calorie calculation when dancing ballet

·       Where in the world is what danced? - Interactive dance map

·       Figures and statistics on ballet schools

·       How do I become a professional ballet dancer?

·       Top 11 list of the best ballet pieces

·       Successfully register your child for children's ballet

·       Is ballet healthy?

·       How much can a ballet dancer weigh?

Today we start with "How much can a ballet dancer weigh?"

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